Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Psych Drugs Supposed to Treat Depression in Fact Lead to Suicides

GlaxoSmithKline and the U.S. FDA have sent a letter to doctors warning that the antidepressant Paxil could increase the risk of suicidal behavior in young adults.

During clinical trials testing the drug, there were 11 suicide attempts made by participants taking Paxil, compared to only one suicide attempt among those taking a placebo. The 18-30 age group was at the highest risk, accounting for eight of the 11 Paxil-related incidents.

Most antidepressants currently have labels warning patients of the risk of suicidal behavior. The FDA has stressed that patients taking Paxil should be carefully monitored.

New York Times May 12, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Psychiatrist Pays Hush Money

Psychiatrist John Owen Honey from Footscray in Victoria, Australia is being investigated by the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria for sexually taking advantage of one of his femal patients, and then buying her silence with $100,000. Apparently the price for a gross abuse of trust is a bit higher.

The hearing is continuing today.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Psychiatrist to Celebrities Suspended?

The following is an extract from an email I have just received. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

"Another interesting case coming up at the General Medical Council is that of Massimo Ricci, psychiatrist to celebrities. I have no idea what he is supposed to have done but it must be pretty serious because they have suspended his registration pending a hearing. Someone told me that it has been hushed up by the media."

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Top Psych On The Run

Psychiatrist Tonmoy Sharma, senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London UK has been busted for fraud and for lying about his credentials.

He is accused of attempting to get data in a drug trial changed as well as of obtaining a free supply of the psych drug Clozaril for a study which he subsequently then sold for tens of thousands of pounds. He also claimed to be a professor which was untrue.

At one time Sharma was offered the Chair of psychiatry at University College London. The institute of Psychiatry in an attempt to hush the matter up conducted its own enquiry which exonerated Sharma of any wrongdoing.

This exoneration was ignored by the government health watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency who have proceeded with charges. Sharma has fled the UK for India.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Psych Goes Down for Drugs and Fraud

Former Beach psychiatrist gets 3½-year term in drug, fraud case
By AMY JETER, The Virginian-Pilot
© May 25, 2006

NORFOLK — A former Virginia Beach psychiatrist was sentenced Wednesday to 3½ years in federal prison for unlawfully distributing prescription narcotics and improperly billing Medicaid.

Jeremy A. Stowell, 64, had pleaded guilty to illegally prescribing OxyContin, methadone and vicoprofen and to charging Medicaid, including for some patient visits that never occurred.

District Judge Raymond A. Jackson ordered Stowell to pay a $20,000 fine and $32,929 restitution to the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services. The judge also barred Stowell from employment in any medical profession.

“The court would probably consider you a blue-chip drug dealer,” Jackson said. “No sound physician would do what you did.”

In April 2004, Stowell distributed 10 tablets of vicoprofen to a person “not having legitimate medical need,” according to court papers, and in January 2005, the physician prescribed 60 OxyContin tablets and 150 methadone tablets for a patient who was purportedly out of state rather than at an appointment. That patient was an undercover officer.

In the health care fraud charge, Stowell billed Medicaid for an appointment that a patient already had paid for, appointments the patient did not attend and appointments in which the patient sent someone else on their behalf. In those cases, too, the patient was an undercover officer.

Stowell also charged Medicaid after he was barred from participating in federal health care programs after a mail fraud conviction in 1994.

Stowell, who acquired a Virginia medical license in 1970, surrendered it last summer at the behest of the state Board of Medicine.

According to reports from the board, Stowell had prescribed drugs to patients with histories of narcotics abuse without properly monitoring them and to patients who he knew were sharing the drugs with others. In some cases, he didn’t document the reason the drugs were needed, according to the report.

On Wednesday, a licensed clinical social worker testified about Stowell’s compassion and his work helping adolescents. “It will be a tragic loss to the community to not have him in practice,” Susan Avery testified.

After the hearing, Stowell’s attorney, Franklin A. Swartz, said his client was relieved. “He wants to get his sentence over with and get on with his life.”

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm right about anti-depressants, says Cruise

Indo-Asian News Service

London,, May 22, 2006

Tom Cruise is refusing to back down from his stand against psychiatry and anti-depressants, saying they harm people.

According to Contactmusic, Cruise, who is a devout Scientologist, wants to make people aware of the harm they are in for even though he knows that his opinions are unpopular.

He says: "I know this is controversial. And people don't have to listen to me. But they should find out about this for themselves. I really do care about people, and I care about the way their lives are being harmed by these drugs."

"I am not saying that women, men and children don't come up against problems in life. But drugs aren't the solution. There's this huge industry, this machine, pushing us to hurry up and put our kids on drugs. Well, you know what I say to that machine? I say screw you.

"Controversy doesn't bother me because I know what I am saying is right."

You're a good man Mr Cruise. My wife and children loves your movies also.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Psychiatric Fraud

Former Charlotte psychiatrist Warren H. Williams was sentenced this week to a year and a day in federal prison after pleading guilty to health-care fraud and illegal distribution of a controlled substance without a medical purpose.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

State-Sponsored Child Abuse

The following was sent to me by a friend. It was put out by Casey Research. There is an email address for them at the bottom. One of the problems of convincing people who are still skeptical about how widespread psychiatric abuse is is that, being decent and honest people themselves, they cannot imagine that people of pure evil exist in the world. Not all people who are pure evil are psychiatrists, but the fake profession of psychiatry sure has more than its fair share of these spiritual goons.
State-Sponsored Child Abuse

Of course you have heard of the Nazi Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, who became infamous for conducting grueling medical experiments on concentration camp inmates during WWII. Some of his victims were children. He tested unsafe drugs on them, injected them with lethal germs, removed their organs and limbs and performed sex change operations on them. His primary interest were identical twins.

Thank goodness something like that could never happen here. Or could it?

While the U.S. mainstream media eagerly report on every new case of child molestation, abuse, kidnapping, or murder, they’re strangely silent about the many historical and not-so-historical cases of child abuse for scientific purposes, condoned and/or sponsored by modern, “civilized” governments.

Take the Canadian “Duplessis Orphans,” for starters. In the 1940s and ‘50s, between 1,500 and 20,000 (some say up to 50,000) children living in Catholic orphanages in Quebec were subject to severe abuse. Practically overnight and without good reason, perfectly healthy children were declared mentally ill or retarded and entire orphanages were converted into psychiatric wards.

The reason, as reported in the Gazette in 2002: “Between 1945 and 1960, the federal government paid out 70 cents a day per orphan to orphanages. Psychiatric hospitals received a subsidy of $2.25 per day, per patient.”

Hervé Bertrand, one of the victims, remembers how a doctor visited his third-grade class and asked him what the word “compare” meant. “I didn't know,” remembers Bertrand. “We hadn't studied it yet. That's how it was decided that I was retarded.” A lifelong sentence for most of the kids involved.

Surviving victims allege that some of the children underwent painful experiments, electroshock treatments, even lobotomies. Most were pulled from their schools and forced into farm labor or hospital maintenance and brutally beaten for non-compliance. Many were physically and sexually abused by the Catholic priests, nuns and administrators. Some died of their injuries.

The Duplessis scandal was revealed when a 1961 commission on Quebec’s psychiatric hospitals found that more than 30% of the 22,000 patients didn’t belong there, most of the falsely diagnosed being illegitimate children. (Not all of the children were actual orphans; many were born out of wedlock.) The survivors named themselves Duplessis Orphans after the iron-fisted Quebec Premier under whose reign their plight occurred. [For detailed CBC footage on the topic, click here.]

Around the same time, something happened in the Middle East that the Israel Insider magazine calls “the ugliest secret of Israel’s Labor Party founders.” Others call it the “Sephardi Holocaust.”

In 1951, allegedly with the assistance of the U.S. Army, about 100,000 Sephardi children—Sephardim are Jewish-Arab immigrants—were used as guinea pigs in a mass radiation experiment. To avoid suspicion by the parents, the mostly Moroccan children were taken on “school trips” where they received a radiation treatment, purportedly for ringworm infection.

“Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head,” states the Israel Insider. “For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300 million Israeli liras a year. . . equivalent to billions of dollars today.”

Could it all have been a misunderstanding? Could it be that the “medical establishment thought ringworm was a grave danger to public health,” as the review of the award-winning movie “Ringworm Children” suggests? We doubt it. In the 1950s in Israel, the permitted maximum x-ray dose was 0.5 rad. The Sephardi children received 350 rad, directly to their heads. No lead aprons were given to them. And eyewitnesses suspiciously noted that in preparation for the so-called “school trips,” all the Ashkenazi (Jews of European descent) were sorted out while “the dark children were put on the bus.”

The Ringworm experiment left its marks on the victims. Approximately 6,000 children died soon after treatment; the rest developed severe conditions such as various cancers, epilepsy, psychosis, etc. Today the survivors are broken people, and many of their children and grandchildren are stricken with genetic diseases and malignant tumors.

“The Ringworm Children” won a prize for Best Documentary at the 2005 Haifa International Film Festival. To buy a copy of the movie on DVD, click here.

Well, maybe the Israelis are capable of something like that, but our own government? Impossible.

But is it really? In fact, a host of questionable experiments have taken place in the United States… and probably still do.

In 1946 and ’47, eighteen terminally ill patients—one of them a four-year-old boy—were injected with plutonium to see how the radioactive material would spread through the body. In some cases, the chemical was injected into the limbs, which were then amputated post mortem. The experiments were conducted by the University of California at San Francisco, the University of Rochester, the University of Chicago and Oak Ridge Laboratory.

In a long-term experiment by the University of Cincinnati that was finally stopped in 1971, “88 poor, uneducated and mostly African-American patients with incurable cancers were exposed to heavy doses of full-body irradiation—a procedure that was largely abandoned as therapy by the 1960s,” states an article from a March 1996 issue of Research/Penn State magazine. Some of the subjects died only hours after treatment.

Then there’s the testing in the ‘40s and ‘50s at the Fernald School in Waltham, MA. Sponsored by MIT and Quaker Oats, mentally retarded students were told that they were now “members of a science club” and fed cereal that contained radioactive calcium and iron. The goal was to trace mineral absorption from cereal in the body. The results were supposed to be used in an advertising campaign, giving Quaker Oats an edge over their competitor Cream of Wheat. Neither the students nor the parents knew about the radioactive content; parents were only told that the boys would receive a diet high in nutrients.

In the ‘50s and ‘60s, a team of researchers purposely infected mentally retarded 3- to 11-year-olds with hepatitis to be able to study the virus. “The early test subjects were fed extracts of the feces of an infected patient,” states constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead in a 2005 article on his, while “later subjects were injected with the virus.”

The head of the team, Dr. Saul Krugman, later became the chairman of pediatrics at New York University and won the Lasker Prize (the American equivalent of the Nobel Prize).

Also in the 1960s, the D.C. Children’s Center in Laurel, MD, administered the diet pill NeoBazine, “which contains thyroxin, a drug that causes tremors, nervousness, insomnia, and tachycardia” to mentally handicapped children. “The FDA later found that this drug was not safe for use.”

From 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanente of Southern CA in conjunction with the CDC treated poor black and Latino children in Los Angeles with experimental measles vaccines. “The same vaccination was given to infants in Mexico, Haiti and Africa by the World Health Organization,” says Whitehead. “It was discontinued after a large number of those tested died.”

And those are “just” the incidents involving children, and those during or after WWII. We didn’t even get to the horrifying experiments performed on adults, like the testicular transplant trials performed on prisoners at St. Quentin’s from 1919-22, in which scientists inserted the testicles of executed inmates and goats into the abdomens and scrotums of living prisoners.

Aside from mentally retarded children, prisoners have always been a preferred type of guinea pig for American medical researchers. In 1966, Professor Emeritus of Dermatology Albert Kligman, who applied highly toxic dioxin directly to the skin of U.S. prisoners, said to a reporter: “All I saw before me were acres of skin… It was an anthropoid colony… which wasn’t going anywhere… I was like a farmer seeing fertile field for the first time.”

Or, to speak with another American scientist, quoted by the British Medical Journal: “Criminals in our penitentiaries are fine experimental material—and much cheaper than chimpanzees.”

We also didn’t have room to talk about the thousands of U.S. soldiers that were unknowingly subjected to experiments with mustard gas and other chemical agents—by the very government they served. Not to mention the about 240 experiments between 1944 and 1961 in which, according to a 1993 Guardianarticle, “radiation was deliberately released into the atmosphere . . . in New Mexico, Utah, Washington state, and perhaps elsewhere.”

Those are another story for another day.

We would like to hear your comments, however. Write to us

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Psychiatry Said To Be Culpable For Woman’s Suicide

12th May 2006
Psychiatry Said To Be Culpable For Woman’s Suicide
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a psychiatric watchdog group established by the Church of Scientology, has asked a Victoria, British Columbia coroners inquest to take Ellie Boisvert’s dying words to heart and put the psychiatrist responsible for her care and treatment at the forefront of the investigation. The group has also asked that justice actions be taken against the psychiatrist.

According information brought out at the inquest conducted by Regional Coroner Rose Stanton, Ellie Boisvert, 56, left the Eric Martin Pavilion, the psychiatric ward of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, on July 29, 2005, on a four to six-hour pass.

According to the Times Colonist, Ms.Boisvert didn’t return from her pass and was found dead on Aug. 17, 2005, in Layritz Park. Near her body was a note, which police investigation revealed was Boisvert’s own handwriting. Ms. Boisvert said in the note she didn’t want to spend one more moment in the “EMP.” Nor did she want to continue living as a psychiatric patient growing steadily worse. “It’s not life.”

Another fault in the psychiatric industry, according to a study by Lisa Cosgrove, a psychologist from the University of Massachusetts and Sheldon Krimsky, a Tuft University professor, is psychiatry’s billing bible itself , the Diagonstic and Satistical Manual of Mental Disorgers (DSM). The study documents how pharmaceutical companies who manufacture drugs for “mental disorders” funded psychiatrists who defined the disorders for the manual. One hundred percent of the “experts” on DSM-IV panels overseeing so-called “mood disorders” (which includes “depression”) and “schizophrenia/psychotic disorders” were financially involved with drug companies. These are the largest categories of psychiatric drugs in the world: 2004 sales of $20.3 billion for antidepressants and $14.4 billion for antipsychotic drugs alone.

Dr. Cosgrove also raised crucial points about the lack of science behind the DSM, stating, “No blood tests exist for the disorders in the DSM. It relies on judgments from practitioners who rely on the manual.”

Victoria psychologist, Dr. Tana Dineen, the author of Manufacturing Victims that debunks the DSM, says that unlike medical diagnoses, DSM disorders are “voted” into existence by APA members. They can also be removed if they are too much trouble. In 1973, the APA voted—5,584 to 3,810—to cease calling homosexuality a mental disorder after gay activists picketed an APA conference. The DSM wields enormous power for a document that is so fickly determined and is, as Dr. Cosgrove says a “political process.”

Brian Beaumont, President of the Vancouver chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights said, “Never have incidents of psychiatric injustice been more evident than in the mental health field where laws have empowered psychiatrists to seize people and, without trial, not only deprive them of their liberty, drug or electric shock them or, in the case of Ellie Boisvert, drive them to suicide”.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

company: Citizens Commission on Human Rights
contact person: Brian Beaumont
phone: 604-689-4417

Thursday, May 11, 2006

TeenScreen and Psychiatry - Pseudo-Science or Scam?

By: John Carey

Enron, WorldCom, TeenScreen. What do these groups have in common? They all have run huge scams on the public in their pursuit of power and the almighty dollar.

TeenScreen is based on the flawed pseudo-science of psychiatry. The controversial screening program asks young people invasive questions about their lives and their feelings, then compares the answers to lists of symptoms from psychiatry's bible of "mental disorders", the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM IV).

The DSM has been thoroughly discredited, even by psychiatrists and other professionals. In an article entitled DSM: Diagnosing for Money and Power, Ofer Zur, Ph.D., and Nola Nordmarken, MFT, state that "The DSM is more a political document than a scientific one. Decisions regarding inclusion or exclusion of disorders are made by majority vote rather than by indisputable scientific data."

Recent media has exposed corruption in those psychiatric researchers who created the DSM IV. USA Today reported in April '06, "A majority of the medical experts who created the "bible" for diagnosing mental illness have undisclosed financial links to drugmakers".

Psychiatry claims to have a science, but what do their leaders say? Rex Cowdry, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health in 1995 said, "We do not know the causes (of psychiatric disorders). We don't have methods of curing these illnesses yet." Norman Sartorius, president of the World Psychiatric Association, said in 1994, "The timewhen psychiatrists considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. In the future, the mentally ill will have to learn to live with their illness."

If you go to a medical doctor with a broken arm, you would have pain in your arm and you might be irritable. A medical doctor uses these symptoms and an x-ray to confirm the problem, and after six weeks in a cast you are cured - at least until the next time you try out your child's skateboard.

The psychiatric approach is to VOTE on diseases. Stealing legitimacy from the medical community, they group symptoms and give them ominous and frightening names. From 1952-94, the DSM grew from 112 disorders/diseases to 374 by VOTING! After gay activist picketing in 1973, psychiatrists voted to remove the mental "disorder" known as homosexuality from DSM. Since there was no science in adding it, it was easy to remove.

Some of the other "scientific" diseases being foisted onto the public are "Caffeine-Related Disorder", "Mathematics Disorder" and "Sibling Rivalry Disorder." When I was mean to my brother, my mom punished me - she didn't know of today's "scientific method" - giving me a daily dose of Prozac.

We have all seen the fraudulent advertisements about chemical imbalances in the brain causing "mental illness". Drug companies are able to fool many people and gain business by falsely associating themselves with true medical science. There are chemical imbalances (known, provable, indisputable) in medicine. An example of a real chemical imbalance is Diabetes - a lab test shows too much sugar in the person's system. This imbalance is corrected by giving insulin, the exact hormone that is missing. This is science.

What about psychiatry's version? There is NO blood test. There is no Ritalin, Paxil or Prozac flowing through a normal child's brain. The entire THEORY of chemical imbalance is based on the subjective symptoms in DSM, and psychiatrists prescribe mind-altering drugs to MASK the symptoms. This is equivalent to a medical doctor never setting your broken arm, but giving you life-long doses of morphine to hide the pain.

Those who speak up and tell the truth, like Tom Cruise, are attacked because they reject the idea that chemical "imbalances" in the brain cause mental illness, and are quick to point out that no tests have ever proven that theory. George Orwell wrote, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". That line was written as part of an entertaining work of fiction, yet psychiatry has brought Mr. Orwell's chilling vision of the future into today's reality.

John Breeding, Ph.D., psychologist and author of The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses says, "Even the most ardent Ritalin/ADHD enthusiasts find absolutely no positive long term outcomes on anything in their research reviews.. The widespread drugging of these children is a fraud..."

Worldwide production of Ritalin went from 2.8 tons in 1990 to 15.3 tons in 1997. Are our children SIX TIMES more troubled? In Britain, the stimulant prescription rate for children increased 9200% between 1992 and 2000. Are their children now 9200% smarter and happier? No, but psychiatrists and drug companies are richer. This is what TeenScreen wants, more children under psychiatric treatment for subjective, unscientific "mental illnesses".

In today's world of merged companies and billion-dollar earnings, the psychiatrists have merged with the drug-companies. TeenScreen has a symbiotic relationship with both. With Madison Avenue marketing that sells the public a one-pill solution to everything that ails them, the psychiatrists are pulling off a scam that makes the former leaders of Enron seem like choirboys by comparison. Future generations might forgive them if they were selling cell-phones, broadband or the latest fashion, but not when they are falsely drugging millions of our school children with dangerous mind-altering drugs.


May 10, 2006 John Carey has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas A&M, and has worked for a major oil company for over 20 years. As a humanitarian endeavor, he has researched extensively on the psychiatric drugging of children.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Child Has Life Destroyed by Psychiatric Drugs

From USA Today
Drug therapy caused some scary side effects
Updated 5/2/2006 8:49 AM ET
By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY

Erin Evans is one parent who wishes she had never heard of anti-psychotics.

As a military couple, she and her husband, Joe, moved around frequently. Their son, Rex, 13, was babied a lot. His mother now feels that he was not ready for school when he reached kindergarten age.

He had trouble focusing in the classroom and was diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder at age 6. He started on an ADHD medicine and began hallucinating about worms and bugs in his food.

Soon he was also on Prozac for anxiety, but the nervousness and paranoia persisted.

At age 8, Rex was given Risperdal by a Tennessee child psychiatrist in private practice who consulted for the military. He said the boy probably had obsessive-compulsive disorder, too, Evans says.

"(He) didn't tell us it had never been approved for children or warn us about any side effects," she says.

For the first few weeks, Risperdal helped a little; Rex became less anxious and hyper. "But then it wore right off, so the doctor kept increasing the dose," she says.

After one month on Risperdal, Rex started having tremors; within a few months, his hands shook so severely that he could barely write at school, "and I'd have to guide the cup of milk to his mouth in the morning," Evans says.

But the psychiatrist said the tremors weren't so bad, Evans says, and urged the family to continue the drug.

The psychiatrist didn't pressure them, she says, "but I'm from the generation where, when a doctor says something, you believe it."

Then, about a year after Rex started Risperdal, the Evanses found out that he might have schizoaffective disorder, a psychotic illness that children rarely get. A doctor's report said Rex probably would need to be institutionalized.

That year, when Rex was 9, the family moved to Colorado Springs. The parents started to learn more about Risperdal and, for the first time, they realized that Rex's symptoms could be side effects, so they started to wean him off the drug. In a few weeks they noticed his jaw was scrunching up and his facial expressions were becoming distorted. By then, Evans says, she had read up on tardive dyskinesia (TD), a neurological disorder that can be caused by anti-psychotics.

Rex became less anxious, but the TD worsened. "He had a horrible, ugly look on his face all the time," Evans says. Friends no longer came to play. Rex went from winning an award for best reader in the third grade to claiming he couldn't remember how to spell his own name in fourth grade.

Then in fifth grade, Rex slowly began to improve. A medical exam showed spasms in his thorax, perhaps linked to the upper body spasms, restricting the flow of oxygen to his brain.

He began oxygen therapy, and he quickly became more responsive to others and did better at school, Evans says. He also had behavioral therapies. At the end of elementary school, Rex had episodes only a few times a week.

But junior high has brought more stress and bullying, and the episodes have become more frequent. "His movement-disorder specialist said he expected Rex to have this for the rest of his life," Evans says.

Now she is bitter. "I trusted the doctors, I trusted the FDA ... and I feel betrayed by both," she says.

The Food and Drug Administration "does not regulate the practice of medicine," says Thomas Laughren, head of the division of psychiatry products. He adds that he's concerned about the use of such drugs in kids without systematic safety data.

Nobody knows how many children on atypicals get TD, says Ramy Mahmoud of Janssen LP, maker of Risperdal, but it's rare in adults. "Our drug isn't indicated for children," he says. "It's a strong drug. It has risks and benefits. Doctors and patients together have to weigh the benefits, at the start and on a continuing basis, along with the harm and suffering."

Friday, May 05, 2006

Criminal Psychiatrist Awarded Fellowship at UC

The University of Cincinnati has given a fellowship to a psychiatrist who criminally defrauded insurance companies in Arkansas of $US130,000.

Psychiatrist James Dilday is now working in the department of psychiatry and at University Hospital.

Andrew Filak, an associate UC dean and associate chief of staff for the hospital, said with regard to Dilday's background: "we felt it would not be a problem....".

Probably not, as long as he is working with other psychiatrists he should feel quite at home.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Pervert Psychiatrist Busted

From: Axcess News May 1, 2006
Saudi Psychiatrist Sexually Preys Upon Toddler in California
By Jim Kouri

(AXcess News) New York - A 37-year-old Saudi psychiatrist made his initial appearance in federal court in Sacramento, California, on Friday to face charges that he traveled to Vallejo, California, on Thursday to sexually molest a two-and-a-half-year-old girl after exchanging numerous emails with an undercover agent posing as the toddler's father.

Nabil Al Rowais, who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visa issued in Canada, was arrested Thursday night by agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as with the California Bureau of Investigation at a motel in Vallejo, California.

Rowais is charged with traveling in foreign commerce with the intent to have sex with a minor, a charge that carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum penalty of up to 30 years. Magistrate Judge Dale A. Drozd ordered Al Rowais held without bond pending his next court appearance May 12.

According to the affidavit filed in the case, an undercover agent posing as the father of a toddler daughter exchanged numerous emails with Al Rowais in which the suspect expressed a desire to travel to California to sexually molest the child. When the suspect, who claims to be a practicing psychiatrist, arrived at the Vallejo motel for the agreed upon meeting yesterday evening, he was taken into custody. The case is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California.

The initial lead in this case came about as a result of an ICE investigation known as Operation Babynet, a probe targeting an El Dorado Hills man who ultimately pleaded guilty to molesting his infant daughter and distributing the images over the Internet.

After receiving the lead, ICE agents teamed with the California Bureau of Investigation, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, and the Sacramento Police Department to investigate the allegations. The agencies are members of the Safe Streets Task Force, an ongoing initiative partnering federal, state, and local agencies to target violent street gangs and child sex predators.

"Whether a sexual predator is on the Internet exploiting our virtual borders or is an alien who has preyed on children, ICE is using all of its law enforcement authorities to identify them and bring them to justice," said Rick Eaton, assistant special agent in charge of the ICE office of investigations in Sacramento. "We are working with our law enforcement partners to do everything possible to prevent the exploitation of children both here and abroad."

Al Rowais' arrest is part of Operation Predator, an ongoing ICE enforcement initiative to identify, investigate, arrest and, in the case of foreign nationals, deport child sex predators. Since the initiative began almost two years ago, ICE agents have arrested more than 7,800 individuals nationwide, including almost 2,000 here in California.