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Psychiatrist to Celebrities Suspended?

The following is an extract from an email I have just received. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

"Another interesting case coming up at the General Medical Council is that of Massimo Ricci, psychiatrist to celebrities. I have no idea what he is supposed to have done but it must be pretty serious because they have suspended his registration pending a hearing. Someone told me that it has been hushed up by the media."


Blogger Sickmind Fraud said...

welcome to the club. check out Psych Watch, if you like.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tracked down an article in the Mail on Sunday 7 May, but still doesn't say what he is supposed to have done.
"WORLD-famous celebrity clinic The Priory was in the midst of a scandal last night after one of its most senior doctors was suspended from practising medicine.

Psychiatrist Dr Massimo Riccio, who was The Priory's medical director for seven years, has been banned for 18 months while he is investigated by the General Medical Council.

The 53-year-old has also separated from his wife and is living alone in an apartment less than a mile from the exclusive hospital in Roehampton, Surrey.

While he was medical director, Dr Riccio was responsible for assessing and overseeing the treatment of every new 'guest'.

They have included supermodel Kate Moss, sportsmen George Best, Paul Gascoigne and Ronnie O'Sullivan and comedians Lenny Henry and Caroline Aherne.

But The Priory Group last night risked accusations of a cover-up after it made contradictory claims about its relationship with the doctor.

Dr Riccio stood down as medical director of The Priory, Roehampton, in September 2004 but remained as a consultant psychiatrist until he was suspended from the medical register on April 4 this year. He is also not allowed to see patients at his private Chelsea clinic.

The GMC issued a so-called interim order banning Dr Riccio from practising medicine until the outcome of the investigation.

A GMC spokeswoman said: 'We do have to have quite serious concerns to impose an interim order.

'We are not making a finding against the doctor, but we do it to protect the public or protect the doctor.' Callers to Dr Riccio's office have been told he is 'on sick leave', though his contact details are still listed on the Priory Group website.

But Karen Croft, the group's communications manager, said: 'He is not with us. He left at the end of March, early April. He was selfemployed. He chose to leave, he resigned.' Ms Croft said there had never been any complaints against Dr Riccio and added: 'He had a reputation as an outstanding psychiatrist.' But when asked twice if the Priory was sorry to see him leave, Ms Croft refused to speak. When pressed for a third time she said: 'I am not answering that.' Last night Dr Riccio said: 'I don't want to talk about it.

No comment.' Dr Riccio qualified as a doctor in Milan in 1978 and moved to Britain in 1980, marrying his wife Janice three years later. They have grownup twin daughters.

He joined The Priory in 1996 after resigning from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, complaining that the NHS was asking doctors to treat more patients with fewer resources.

The Priory has become known as Britain's Betty Ford Clinic because it is the first choice for rich and famous people with problems such as depression, drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders and so-called sex addiction."

A typical five-week stay costs about Pounds 7,000 Last year the group of 42 hospitals, which is run by Labour Party donor Dr Chai Patel, was sold for Pounds 875million to Dutch bank ABN Amro.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Dr Massimo Riccio was suspended because he was an addict and had fallen off the wagon.

I was treated by Dr Riccio in 2005 and he was comletely abusive. I had gone into the Priory after trying to kill myself as I was deeply depressed. Dr Riccio decided that I was an alcoholic and put me on the Addicts Programme. I was not an addict and the treatment was totally inappropriate. I was told by a subsequent psychiatrist that I had been misdiagnosed.

Dr Riccio took me off all my tranquillisers, even though I was suffering from panic attacks and high anxiety. He threatened me with Electric Shock treatment if I did not stay on the Addiction programme. I was delighted to hear that he had been suspended. He is a meglomaniac who does not listen to his patients and follows his own personnel agenda.Clearly someone did complain.

If you wish any more information you can send me an e-mail:

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Blogger Veronique Fox-Baret said...

I am also a former (surviving ) patient of Dr Massimo Riccio.Has anyone else had the same sort of negative experiences with him and his team?

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Anonymous Mikel Stevens said...


My name is Mikel Stevens and I was admitted to the Priory Roehampton under the special supervision of Dr. Massimo Riccio 5 October 2005.During my stay he either did not show up at all at appointments or was late. He misdiagnosed me and prescribed the wrong medication. After 3 weeks he told me he couldn’t do anything for me and he didn’t care whether I stayed for my 28 days or left Two weeks after I left he was suspended and allegedly suffering from a burn out. From other patients I heard he was addicted to crack and alcohol while suffering from his upcoming divorce This was confirmed by his secretary later! I felt cheated and called the Priory to talk about it. Coming from Holland I had to pay every penny myself and went bankrupt by it, just trying to safe my life. Unfortunately my ailment prevented me from pursuing this. .I am suffering from mixed bipolar with rapid cycling and alcohol abuse. Now finally I had the courage to go into a clinic again and found a great psychiatrist who has given me the right medication. But in all those years the disease has progressed rapidly and therefore it will take a long time for me to get better again .It has been hanging over me that because of this mistreatment I never trusted another doctor again and given me a horrible life .I cannot move on until this is resolved so I hope that everybody who had a similar experience with this doctor will write to me so we can take him and the Priory(totally aware of this) to court together and get closure!

A very frustrated Mikel Stevens
My email address is

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read all these very negative comments and would like to say something in return. Dr Massimo Riccio saved my life and stopped me trying to kill myself. I was admitted to The Priory suffering from Chronic Clinical Depression. My experience of the staff in the addiction unit was appaling and I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. However, it was Dr Riccio to the rescue. He supported me for a futher 8 years, never charging me a penny as he new I could not afford it. He sorted my medication out perfectly and I am now all but depression free for the first time in my life. He has also seen several of my friends and not one of them has a negative word to say about him.

It is a terrible shame that this has happend to him and I hope he will be back in practice very very soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My experience with Dr. Massio Riccio was totally the opposite of what is mentioned in this blog.

I have been his patient from 1990-2006, and not once did he let me down. He pratctically saved my life and when I was broke he treated me for free.

He also encouraged me - slowly but surely - to depend less on medication and more on psychotherapy.

Please please stop massaccring a man at such a low time in his life.

Get well soon, Dr. Riccio.


2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poetic justice perhaps. Who knows? He was one of the best doctors I have met.
I wish him well.
Marie Ann

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also an ex patient of Dr Ricio's and have only good things to say about the treatment I received from him.

He was always available to me when I was at my lowest in clinical depression and he continued to see me during the well times too and told me that his job was to help me manage my depression.

He also chaged me a fraction of what he could have charged as he knew I could not afford the Priory fees.

Thanks to Massimo I have had a 10 year period free from clinical depression.

I wish him health and happiness and will always be grateful to him.

12:04 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Riccio saved my life not once but twice, putting me through the addiction programme for free and then 5 years later, saving me from a deep frightening depression and treating me for hardly anything.

I have nothing but an overwhelming sense of gratitude and respect for him and frankly I have never met a psychiatrist who can even remotely shine a light to him.


10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a parte un buon medico vi posso garantire e un grande uomo e ti sta vicino nei momenti piu difficili,ciao dott.riccio,franco e riprenditi presto la tu rivincita sei un grande uomo franco.c.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Justice has been done

I was "treated" by dr massimo Riccio 10 years ago and what I have to say is that,he was a flirt more than a doctor,using his position.
I do not need to go in details to make my point

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sponsored a vulnerable woman in AA. Dr Riccio started a sexual relationship with her whilst she was in the Priory. It continued abusively after she left during which time he "borrowed" thousands of pounds which was never paid back This man is a dangerous sexual and financial predator.

3:43 AM  

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